Bloober Team Reveals The Medium DualSense Features

The Medium DualSense Features

We are just one month away from the release of The Medium on the PS5, and to help garner some hype, Bloober Team has published a new video highlighting all the awesome DualSense features found in The Medium.

The Medium – DualSense Overview

 A breakdown of The Medium DualSense features:

  • Spirit Blast – Players can feel resistance from the triggers as they charge the spirit blast attack.
  • Spirit Shield – As you use the spirit shield and swarms of moths bounce off of it, there will be some haptic feedback coming from all direction. 
  • Hold your breath – Accelerating pulse will indicate when you will run out of breath.
  • Touchpad – You can use the analog stick, but you can also use the touch pad during item inspections to rotate objects.
  • Motion controls – When in first person view, you can look around by simply moving the controller.
  • Speaker – Sound will come out of the controller when using a tool.
  • Light Bar – This will imitate the flashlight, so when a monster is nearby it will flicker both on screen on on the light bar.

Pretty exciting stuff here, and we cannot wait to give The Medium another go next month on the PS5. For those interested, be sure to check out the site’s The Medium Review (Xbox Series) here. We have nothing but high praise outside of some performance issues, which hopefully has been fixed for the PS5 release.

The Medium will be available on the PS5 on September 3. A full retail physical release is also available the same day for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, though the latter two already has the game available digitally. 

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