Bloodhunt Ceasing Support After Last Update, Servers to Remain Up

Bloodhunt support

We’re here to be the bearer of bad news for Bloodhunt players. Sharkmob has announced that Bloodhunt support will cease once the next and final update for the game is released.

Here’s the important excerpt from today’s announcement:

With that said, Bloodhunt servers will stay up and the game will remain available to play. Our aim is to keep the servers going for as long as we have an active player base and community. For those who enjoy the game and want to continue playing, we have worked on some solutions to ensure that the game continues to be interesting. An in-game player voting system will be deployed to regularly unlock new things and keep Bloodhunt fresh. We will share more granular details about how this system works when we get closer to releasing our next update, which will be the last planned patch for Bloodhunt. Beyond that update, patches will only be related to maintenance.

Additionally, Sharkmob has added that they are looking to turn off real currency purchasing on Sept. 26. Before this happens, the studio will implement a way for players to earn in-game tokens more easily, so that gamers can continue to play and unlock cosmetics beyond the September date.

While Bloodhunt had a good design philosophy, I think it came out at the wrong time given gamers were kind of getting tired of battle royale games. I mean, how many free-to-play battle royale shooters can gamers play? I doubt they more than a game or two, and with Apex Legends, Fortnite and Warzone all ruling the roost, it’s hard for any game to penetrate the sub genre.

No word yet on when this next and final patch will be released, but once we know more, we’ll let our readers know.

We wish everyone at Sharkmob the best, and we look forward to covering their next game.

Source: Bloodhunt

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