Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Child of Light Collab Sees Aurora as New Playable Character

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Child of Light

505 Games has announced a new collaboration for Bloodstained Ritual of the Night & Child of Light, and this one adds a surprising new member to the playable roster: Aurora, the protagonist of the game! Check out the trailer for this free new addition to the game.


Aurora has lost her way and awoken in a strange, dangerous new land. Armed with the Sword of Matildis and accompanied by the loyal Igniculus, she must find a way to escape. Despite the dire situation, Aurora is not alone. Johannes is on hand to help her increase her power by transmuting items found in chests throughout the game. 


In addition to her sword, Aurora begins her adventure with the help of her trusted friend Igniculus and the directional Light Ray skill. Igniculus acts on his own and can temporarily slow down enemies or heal Aurora with a flash of light. The Light Ray uses MP and shines in front of Aurora. Enemies caught in the light lock on will suffer damage.

Throughout her journey, Aurora gains power by defeating enemies and absorbing Shards. The Grade of each ability can be improved by collecting more shards of the same type and, with the help of Johannes, you can level up the Rank.

After defeating certain bosses, she will grow stronger and gain additional abilities as she ages. Each stage of her progression will add to her movement abilities and unlock previously inaccessible parts of the castle.

Aurora of Child of Light will join the frey alongside protagonists Miriam and Zangetsu in Bloodstained Ritual of the Night as a free upgrade across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox this March 31. She will be added to the Nintendo Switch at a future date.

Source: Play Bloodstained

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