Blue Box Abandoned Screenshots Surface via PSN, Dev Says It Was to “Test PS4 Max Power”

Blue Box Abandoned

Whle we’re all eagerly awaiting just what the hell is Blue Box Game Studios’ Abandoned really is, it seems more info is coming out of the woodwork, and from the unlikeliest of places, too!

The latest Blue Box Abandoned screenshots have surfaced from the the Hasan Kahraman’s own PSN profile, which he acknowldeged as legit!

Here’s the screenshots posted by Twitter user Joe Miller:

Kahmaran has replied to the apparent Abandoned screenshots leakage, and mentions how “very different” it was back in 2019.

Well, the 2019 version was a lot different back then. But it was to test the PS4’s max power. It was running on PS4 Pro with native 3840 x 2160 resolution targeting 60 FPS with 8k textures. It did work but the PS4 version wasn’t powerful enough to create a full game.

Just over a month ago. Blue Box Game Studios has mentioned that Abandoned wouldn’t (or couldn’t) run on the PS4 due to the game’s visuals.

If you’re confused just what Abandoned really is, don’t worry, we’re on the same boat. Is it a new Metal Gear game? Is it a new Silent Hill? Once we know the official details, we’ll let our readers know.

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