Blue Box Deletes Tweets About Abandoned Future Plans, Says They Are Facing a “Minor Delay” (Update)

Abandoned Tech Demo teaser

Remember Abandoned? The horror “game” (using that term loosely here) that made waves given that most people thought it was associated with legendary game maker Hideo Kojima? It seems whatever the studio’s plans are, it has changed in the past few months, as tweets about its future plans which include the mention of a demo.

This was spotted by YouTuber and Twitter user Lance McDonald who pointed out the inconsistencies in Blue Box’s announcements, and actual execution.

Thanks to web archive, here’s a screenshot of some of the deleted tweets:



There are more deleted tweets in the web archive link, but those are the most relevant ones.

While those are deleted, the studio’s website still has this blog post up where it mentions the following:

Prologue Á game reveal

Q1 2022 is going to be interesting for fans of Abandoned. With the game reveal being around the corner and the release of the Prologue coming closer and closer, we are working hard to make sure to showcase the game at the best and stable way possible.

Adding to the whole “this is vaporware” vibe is tha the person who worked on the game’s soundtrack is even lost in what’s happening with the “game” and is even asking for help since he doesn’t know what to do.

While the studio deleted the tweets for some unknown reason, they did reply just this week that they are facing a “minor delay,” and that they wre working to get it revealed and released ASAP.

Hasan Kahraman, Blue Box boss, also responded to a Twitter user that pointed out that Q1 2022 is about to end, in which Kahraman replied that they are working to get the Prologue game revealed and released ASAP, and apologized for the wait.

Truth be told, I don’t know what to make of Abandoned at all. While the studio is insisting it’s a real thing, it does sound like vaporware at this point. The last tangible thing we heard about it was the 5GB download for the PS5 reveal that was all for five seconds of footage.

We’ll keep an eye out for this one, but it’s looking more and more like a big marketing stunt more than anything.

Update: Blue Box has issued a tweet amid the “rumors” to remind people that Abandoned is a real thing.

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