Bobby Kotick Opens Activision Earnings Call by Addressing Workplace Controversy, Cites He’s Committed to a Safe Working Environment


If you haven’t been keeping tabs on gaming news, a huge dust up has cropped up at Activision-Blizzard regarding toxicity in the workplace (which you can read about here). In today’s Activision’s quarterly earnings call, Activision big cheese Bobby Kotick started the call by addressing the workplace controversy.

Kotick talked about how he’s “committed” to a safer working environment, and how they will not tolerate it in the workplace. Kotick also mentions how the publsiher is committed to their work environment and will not permit “discrimination, harassment, or unequal treatment.”

This slide was shared as well:

We’ll have more on Activision-Blizzard’s earnings report, but it’ll focus more on the actual gaming side of things, so stay tuned!

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1 year ago

Nope and your staff disagrees strongly.

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