Borderlands 2 – Creature Slaughter Dome And Collector’s Edition DLC Available Now

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For you vault hunters who didn’t get the opportunity to snag the Ultimate Loot Chest Special Edition of Borderlands 2 when it was available for pre-order or get your hands on the Creature Slaughter Dome by pre-ordering the game, then today is your lucky day.

As of this moment, Gearbox Software has recently packaged the in-game content from the Ultimate Loot Chest edition with the Creature Slaughter Dome into an add-on DLC. This add-on DLC is not free, however, but will only set you back a measly $4.99 USD or 400 Microsoft Points.

In case you’re wondering what exactly is included in this add-on DLC, here’s what you can expect receive:

  • A new  head skins for Axton, Maya, Salvadore and Zero.
  • Contraband Grenade Mod that deals damage based on your level.
  • Access to the Creature Slaughter Dome that’s located in the Natural Selection Annex that’s found in the Wildlife Preserve.

Note: This add-on is not apart of the Borderlands 2 Season Pass.

In other news, fans of Clap-Trap’s web-series will be happy to know that Gearbox is releasing the second episode for season two tomorrow. No word yet on what it will be about, aside from this image Gearbox has given us as a hint of what we can expect: