Borderlands 2 – Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC Details and Trophy List Leaked

With the recent Borderlands 2 patch now live across all platforms, the next upcoming DLC for Borderlands 2 has allegedly been leaked according to the latest trophies to be added for Borderlands 2 on the PS3 platform. They suggest that the third DLC for Borderlands 2 will be titled “Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt.”

For those wondering what exactly are the trophies that will be included in Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt, we got you covered:

Borderlands 2 DLC

If your having issues viewing the image, here’s the list of the trophies that have been added:

Sir HammerLock’s Big Game Hunt Trophies:

  • Face Off – Completed the mission: “The Fall of Nakayama” (Bronze trophy)
  • Done that – Completed all Hammerlocks hunt side missions. (Gold trophy)
  • Been there – Discovered all named locations in Hammerlocks Hunt. (Silver trophy)

But that’s not all, through a post on the Borderlands 2 forums that has since been taken down, as we also stumbled across what exactly we can expect in terms of the loot and head skins that will be included with Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt:

Sir HammerLock’s Big Game Hunt Loot, Head and Skins:

Assault Rifles:

  • The Chopper, manufactured by Bandit (Seraph)
  • The Leadstorm, manufactured by Vladof (Seraph)
  • The Damned Cowboy, manufactured by Jakobs (Unique)


  • The Infection, manufactured by Maliwan (Seraph)
  • The Rexs, manufactured by Jakobs (Unique)


  • The Interfacer, manufactured by Hyperion (Seraph)
  • The Twister, manufactured by Jakobs (Unique)
  • The Hydra, manufactured by Jakobs (Unique)


  • Yellow Jacket, manufactured by Hyperion (E-tech)

Sniper Rifles:

  • Hawk Eye, manufactured by Jakobs (Seraph)
  • Elephant Gun, manufactured by Jakobs (Unique)

Rocket Launcher:

  • Harpoon Gun, manufactured by Torgue (Unique)

Grenades And Shields:

  • Breathe Of The Seraphs Grenade (Seraph)
  • Rough Rider Shield (Unique)
  • The Buckler (Unique)

Customized Heads and Skins:

  • D4rk Expl0rer (Assassin head)
  • Vigilant (Assassin zebra skin)
  • Pithy Rejoinder (Mechromancer head)
  • Elusive (Mechromancer leopard skin)
  • Mustache of Legend (Gunzerker head)
  • Wise (Gunzerker rhino skin)
  • Trigger Pull (Siren head)
  • Wrath and Frozen Wrath (Siren tiger and white tiger skin)
  • Clever Boy (Commando head)
  • Patient (Commando snake skin)

It’s also hinted that a fan boat will be included as a new vehicle according to the Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt files, that have been included in the recent patches.

What are you hoping to see be added or featured in Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt? Let us know in the comment section below!

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