Borderlands 2 – Xbox 360 Patch V1.0.3 Fixes Malicious Bug, Clap Trap Web Series Season 2

Ahoy there vault hunters. After weeks of waiting for a new patch meant to address a major issue on the Xbox 360 version of Borderlands 2, it is finally here.

This patch in particular looks to fix a major issue that has been terrorizing the game as of recently. You may have heard of the infectious bug known as ‘Graveyard.sav.’ A bug that’s been forcing a lot of vault hunters to walk on egg shells while playing with one another. For those unfamiliar with it, feel free to check out our previous article that covers what exactly the Graveyard.sav can do to your character saves and how it has been spread around the community.

You can check out the official patch notes that Gearbox has kindly released or simply scroll down below:

  • Added security to prevent data loss tied to malicious violations of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct through an unsupported third-party program.

Unfortunately, those who have been affected by this bug and have lost their character won’t be able to recover their file and must start over again.

In other Borderlands 2 related news, the new season of Clap-Trap’s highly amusing web series has recently started and can be viewed below for your viewing pleasure:

[youtube id=”yhV4Zr-4LUQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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