Borderlands 3 “True Trials” Begins Tomorrow, “Revenge of the Cartels” in June

Borderlands 3

Vault Hunters, get ready to boot up Borderlands 3 on May 13, as the “True Trials” limited time mini-event kicks off in a six-week run, with new challenges to arise in the Proving Grounds map. Immediately after, on June 24, the seasonal event “Revenge of the Cartels” makes a much-awaited return.

The first trial, True Trial of Survival, begins at  “9 AM PT in Devil’s Razor (Pandora), with The Lob and Lucky 7 up for grabs as rewards.”

Every Thursday, players entering the Proving Ground trials for the “True Trials” will be greeted with buffed-up final bosses with increased damage and health. Those who succeed will be generously awarded two legendary items chosen by the Borderlands 3 development team. At the end of each week, the chest will also consist of legendary items regardless of time or objective completion.

The rewards will change from week to week but will always include one weapon selected from the base game’s loot pool and another from one of Borderlands 3’s six add-ons.

This mini-event will be closely followed by “The Revengence of Revenge of the Cartels.” More information will follow on the official website.

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