Boss Key Announces LawBreakers, New Arena Shooter Formerly Known As Project BlueStreak

Formerly known as Project BlueStreak, LawBreakers is a new free-to-play shooter from developer Boss Key Productions that mixes gravity-defying gameplay with high mobility and plenty of guns in 5v5 arena matches.

According to studio co-founders Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee, the three pillars of LawBreakers are “gangs, guns, and gravity.” In a distant future where the laws of gravity have been manipulated, causing a world-wide collapse and subsequent golden age, notorious gangs now use its effects to their advantage, flooding the streets with narcotics and war. In the year 2105, it’s not the Law vs. the LawBreakers. Players can make use of different gravitational situations and equipment like the grappling hook to stay highly mobile and off the ground.

You’ll find the announcement trailer above, but check back this Friday, August 28, when Boss Key Productions have said they will launch the first gameplay trailer. LawBreakers launches sometime in 2016. You’ll find the official website right here.

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