Boundary Is an Outer Space FPS Coming to PS4 and PC This Year

boundary fps

Tired of your usual military first-person shooter? Perhaps you want one set in outer space? Well, if so, there’s one coming later this year. Called “Boundary,” it’s a first-person shooter set in outer space!

Check out the game’s trailer below.

According to developer Surgical Scalpels Studio, they’re building Boundary as a “more simulative, low-orbit environment shooter.” Gamers will play as armed astronauts or what the game calls “AO” or Astroperators.

Being set in space, players won’t be restricted to the laws of gravity like in other shooters, though this means it will also open up challenges not usually present as well. As for customization, players can choose to be an Assaulter or a Sniper Specialist.

Boundary will be releasing later this year on both PC and PlayStation 4. It’s unlikely to be coming to the Xbox One as this is being funded under PlayStation’s China Hero Project, a program meant to help studios in China reach other territories in the global market.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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