Bugsnax Update 2.06 Snaps Out for Long List of Fixes This May 7

Young Horses has released Bugsnax update 2.06 today, and this is for a long list of gameplay-related fixes. This is the game’s fourth patch in a week! Read on for the long list of Bugsnax May 7 patch notes.

Bugsnax Update 2.06 Patch Notes | Bugsnax May 7 Patch Notes:

– Fixed Chandlo getting stuck in final phase of Mama Mewon.
– Improved Daddy Cakelegs candle lighting.
– Restored speed run path we accidentally patched out in version 2.01.
– Fixed Cheddorb spawning during boss replay.
– Fix Triffany talking to nobody when Floofty isn’t around.
– Ensured Broken Tooth time trial flare is visible if quest is active.
– Bugsnax frozen and punted by Scoopy Banoopy should properly be encased in ice instead of falling into a void.
– Mothza Supreme tornadoes no longer turn black when Mothza Supreme is sauced.
– Improved Lollive and Tikkada Masala getting stuck while carrying objects.
– Added a blocker to prevent Chandlo from trying to walk into the wall forever when he has to poop.
– Fixed Cellystix and Cheddaboardle Rex from being catchable while giant.
– Fixed Triffany Broken Tooth quests where quest dialogue would become unavailable on level restart.
– Limited display of barn inventory to one Bugsnak per type.
– Improved Snak Grappler
– Added contingency for Snorpy not reaching his spot in Major Celebration.
– Fixed Cheddorb respawn issue and improved Cheddorb movement/forces.
– Improved Buggy Ball to prevent spinning in a circle forever if retargeting or clearing autopilot.
– Fixed rendering issue with frozen Pinkle.
– Improved Falling mail challenge.
– Fixed collision issues allowing you to leave level while in The Intruder sequence.

In addition to that, a patch related to Xbox One controller support (via Steam):

  • macOS: Fixed Wireless Xbox One Controller Support. Matched button images to Xbox Controller when connected instead of using Playstation images.

That seems to be it. Once a new Bugsnax patch is out, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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