Bully Reference Spotted in GTA Online Casino, Fans Think It’s for Bully 2

bully trademark

Remember Bully? Rockstar’s open world game set in a school that was released way back for the PS2 in 2006? While the game was a smash hit, we haven’t seen Bully 2 properly announced, though there are the occasional “leaks” surrounding it.

Well, it seems in GTA Online’s latest update that brought in the casino to the online mode, Rockstar Games might have just teased the existence of Bully 2! Hold on to your seats, folks! This is about to get interesting.

In GTA Online, the in-game shop is selling a painting of the Bully coat of arms, which are the fist, snake, skull, and a rat. Check it out below.

In case you need a reminder, below is the box art for Bully, which shows the images in the exact same order:

While the virtual painting might be a good enough tease in itself, the artist that created the painting is named “Mathew Morse,”which some people think is a sign that the painting has a morse code hidden message based on the highlighted dots and lines on each square.

Reddit user Generic102419 deduced that if you arrange the coding in morse, it’ll say either of the following:





Could this be proof that a Bully 2 announcement is on the way? Maybe, maybe not. Odds are, this is just Rockstar Games paying homage to Bully since it was a very good game. Then again, this could all be an elaborate attempt by the studio to drum up interest for Bully 2, though they don’t even need to do any of this for it. Just simply announce it, and people will go apeshit.

What do you make of it? Is this a tease or just Rockstar paying tribute to one of their old games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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