Bungie Co-Founder Prepares You For Destiny, New E3 Gameplay Experience Trailer

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Bungie co-founder Jason Jones sets the stage for the studio’s upcoming shared-world, first-person shooter, Destiny, in a slick 7-minute video.

The new footage comes hand-in-hand with this week’s E3 2014 events, where Bungie announced both the launch date of the official Destiny Beta, as well as the release of the Destiny First Look Alpha coming tomorrow to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

Jones’ video dives into all the basics that should get you up and running swiftly when Destiny officially launches on September 9, and does a commendable job showing you all the sorts of things you can get up to in Bungie’s brave new world, including competitive multiplayer battles in “The Crucible.” He also hints at ‘the most challenging experience Bungie has ever created,’ in “The Glass Vault” where you’ll be able to earn Destiny’s ultimate rewards. Interesting!

Speaking of multiplayer, we recently had the chance to tango with others in Destiny’s PvP combat while at E3. You can check out some of the footage we captured right here. Impressions to come.

Get access to the Destiny beta by pre-ordering at your preferred retailer and keep your sights on MP1st for more Destiny news.


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