Bungie on Creating Fully Customizable Characters in Destiny

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From GDC 2014, Bungie technical Art Lead Scott Shepherd talks about building fully customizable characters in the studio’s upcoming shared-world shooter, Destiny.

In the presentation, Shepherd explains Bungie’s goal to create powerful and flexible character building tools that allows the studio to offer players a vast selection of customization options over the span of Destiny’s near decade-long life lifespan.

It’s a bit long and technical, but it really goes to show the amount of work that goes into things we might otherwise take for granted – things like being able to equip our avatars with a simple helmet. Also, if you’re really into decking out your in-game characters with fully-customizable swag, you’ll definitely enjoy giving it a watch.

You can check out the presentation in the GDC archives through this link.


You can catch all the slides shown in the presentation below, courtesy of Bungie:

Destiny launches on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 September 9.

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