Bungie: There Isn’t Really a “Good Style Guide” in Naming Destiny Weapons

Bungie throughout the years has been known to give weapons in the Destiny franchise unusual names and comical quips in their descriptions, and in an recent interview with Polygon, Bungie General Manager Mark Noseworthy and Franchise Director Luke Smith went into detail about the process. The brief interview goes over the tedious and sometimes random decisions the writers in the series come up with the names. The writers come up with different names that may sound perfect for the universe, but sillier variations and “vanilla” choices get sent to the cutting room floor.

“There isn’t really a good style guide on what is and is not a Destiny weapon name,” said Smith. “But the origin of it really came from this old one note page that [chief creative officer] Jason Jones and [game director] Chris Barrett and a couple of other folks like [narrative designer] Eric Raab contributed to and sort of built an initial library. There’s just a feel to them.”

Smith discussed in the interview how the Fatebringer earned its name,  commenting its title still feels a little too “edgy.”

“The name Fatebringer, when I wrote it, still felt a little edgy when you had stuff like The Comedian that was going to be released or was in the pipe at the time. he irreverence is an important part of it. There was a period where a writer really enjoyed the punniness of some weapons. So we had some weapon puns for an era.”

Bungie said naming weapons in the Destiny franchise is one of their favorite creative moments, and its easy to see why. Who doesn’t like hunting for ridiculous sounding guns?

Source: Polygon

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