Bungie Warns Players to Not Create New Destiny 2 Characters During Solstice of Heroes Due to Issues

destiny 2 solstice of heroes issue

Just last week, Bungie introduced the Solstice of Heroes to Destiny 2 this year. While the event came with a host of new rewards and challenges for guardians, it also brought in new issues as well. It seems players who create new Destiny 2 characters while the event is active, are running into issues!

This was confirmed today by Bungie, and the studio advises people to not create a new Destiny 2 character while the Solstice of Heroes event is still active.

Investigations have found that creating new characters while Solstice of Heroes is live will remove any Solstice Package and Key Fragments.

It’s recommended to not create new characters if you have any Solstice items in your inventory while the Solstice event is active.

We’ll be getting a new Destiny 2 patch tomorrow, and there is a chance (though slight) that a fix for this is included, but we’re not holding our breath.

In case you know someone who wants to create a new Destiny 2 character now, well, best to let them see this post.

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