Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Black Market Discounts Being Offered by Activision Right Now for Buying Multiple Tiers

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In case you didn’t know, Treyarch is about to spring Operation Absolute Zero next week, which will not only bring a new Specialist and weapons, but also a host of new items that can be obtained in the Black Market. Now, if you’re still stuck grinding for Contraband in order to reach a specific tier reward in Operation First Strike, you might want to consider dropping some real-world cash (keyword here is “might”) as Activision is offering significant Black Ops 4 Black Market discounts!

With each tier costing 100 COD Points ($1 in real world currency), players can now buy in bulk and get big discounts the more they buy! Activision is offering the following Black Ops 4 Black Market discounts: Buy 5 Tiers, get 40% off; Buy 20 Tiers, get 50% off; and a Buy 50 Tiers, get 60% off!

The discounts are particularly useful if ever you’re farming for the ICR-7 variant “Blinding Glory,” or a particular sticker set or character skin.

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The Call of Duty community is no stranger to how hard the grind is for Contraband in the Black Market with multiple gamers up in arms how long it takes to complete Operation First Strike. Then again, with people spending real world money to bypass this grind, it’s no wonder Activision earns over $4 billion a year in microtransactions alone.

Will anyone bite with the discount deals Activision has offered for the Black Market? Or do you feel that gun skins and the like aren’t worth spending real world money on?