Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta Date Announced for PS4

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Earlier today, we posted an alleged leak of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout beta date. Well, as it turns out, the leak wasn’t far off — at least for PlayStation 4 gamers.

The official Call of Duty Twitter account just tweeted the video below, and in it, not only did it announce the Black Ops 4 Blackout beta date (September 10), but confirmed it’s once again a private beta, and that date is only for PS4 gamers, with Xbox One and PC betas “to follow.”

Unfortunately, that’s it. No gameplay was shown, or any other details shared. We do know you can go at it (Blackout) solo, with a partner or as a group of four based on the text and skulls that the video showcased.

Xbox One and PC players most likely will be getting the Black Ops 4 Blackout beta a week after, which is the norm given Sony’s timed exclusivity deal with Activision.

If you took part in the multiplayer beta (regardless of platform), don’t forget to NOT delete the beta client since it’ll be used for Blackout.