Call of Duty: Ghosts – Find Out What Extinction’s Teeth Currency Is All About

In Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ alien-survival mode, Extinction, developer Infinity Ward is now letting players upgrade their Armory using special “Teeth” currency, obtainable in all episodes.

The new mechanic allows players to permanently upgrade abilities that they can then carry with them into any Extinction match. Infinity Ward explains how to actually earn Teeth in the studio’s latest blog entry:

  • Completing a map (+1)
  • Completing a map with a Relic (+1, whether you have one or all five active)
  • Completing with a player that has never completed a map before (+1)
  • Completing a map in Hardcore Mode (+1)
  • Take out 600 Cryptids (+1)
  • Obtaining Ranks 2, 6, 11, and 21 (+1 for each, only counted the first time that Rank is achieved)
  • Reaching a new Extinction prestige level (+1, plus another for each prestige level you have obtained prior to this update)

Teeth can also be acquired in a Bonus Pool that offers up to three per week by destroying a Barrier Hive in any episode.

Extinction players may have noticed new class abilities since the launch of Episode 2: Mayday in Ghosts’ Devastation DLC. Each can be enhanced using in-game Skill Points. Here are the details on the new upgrades:

  • Engineer Upgrade – The Engineer lays down a stasis field that Cryptids cannot enter.
  • Tank Upgrade – Force Cryptids to momentarily attack the Tank, who is now invulnerable and able to stun enemies with melee attacks.
  • Weapon Specialist Upgrade – Experience an adrenaline rush, greatly increasing damage inflicted while keeping your bullet weapon clips completely topped off. Nearby allies also receive a modest damage boost.
  • Medic Upgrade – The Medic is surrounded by a therapeutic energy field. Allies inside the field are instantly healed or revived from last stand.

Lastly, the studio recently added Chaos Mode to Extinction, a frenetic new game type that has players earning the highest score possible while facing endless waves of Aliens. As of this writing, the update is live on the PC, but we expect it to hit other platforms soon.

Keep your sights on MP1st for more details.

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