Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Apocalypse Z Trailer Gives Us a Sneak Peek at What’s Coming Tomorrow

black ops 4 apocalypse z gameplay

Heads up, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players! Tomorrow, a Black Ops 4 new Operation starts tomorrow called Apocalypse Z! What better way to remind players of this than with a new Black Ops 4 Apocalypse Z trailer that showcases some of the stuff coming tomorrow.

Operation Apocalypse Z unleashes the hordes of undead in all game modes. Fans will find exciting new ways to play, including Multiplayer maps and modes that channel the Zombies legacy, a new Zombies experience, eerie changes throughout the Blackout map, and more new weapons for players to unlock and master.

The big news here is that Reaper from Black Ops 3, will be making his (its?) way to multiplayer in Black Ops 4, athe latest chapter in the Zombies saga and more. Same as always, once the update is live, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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