Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Bugs List Compiled by Community, New Batch Got Introduced With Yesterday’s Patch

black ops 4 game settings update today

While games these days consistently get new title updates to bring in new features, tweak the game balance and fix technical issues, there’s also the chance of bringing in new bugs with these new patches, and that seems to be the case with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4!

With yesterday’s Black Ops 4 update 1.11, Treyarch brought in a few bug fixes, some backend content that we’ll see later this month with League Play, and unfortunately, a few new bugs!

Over on Reddit, the community has been rather edgy with the amount of Black Ops 4 bugs being introduced in each new patch, and we now have a Black Ops 4 bugs list! Reddit user JamesSyncHD posted a compilation of the community’s known bugs and technical issues with the game, which spans all three modes: multplayer, Zombies, and Blackout.

  •  Gunship is now broken (Switching ammo makes you face the wrong direction) ( u/TakeDatWitchuuu )
  • – Trying to play Blackout results in a “Lost connection to host” message (Literally happened to me 3 times in a row)
  • – Players without DLC can’t play Multiplayer matches ( u/ZombieJesus93 )
  • – Game might freeze when looting in Blackout ( u/unofficialmoderator )
  • – Navigating console UI on Xbox could effect the in-game HUD ( u/jaseface0714 )
  • – Players could die from drowning before they have the chance to jump from the Helicopter in Blackout ( u/apex8 )
  • – It’s possible to carry 3 guns in Blackout (unsure if this was a thing before patch 1.11) ( u/UsedToKnife )
  • – Game restart makes each specialist equip default outfits ( u/Hetfeeld )
  • – Aim Assist having problems working on console ( u/BotizYT )
  • – Black Market gives a UI Error code #53769 when clicking on items ( u/GoCommitSuicide )
  • – Weapon Variants disappearing for some players ( u/chuckm1020 )
  • – Voice chat not working on PC ( u/bearly-grylls )
  • – Re-entering a game unequips kill counter / emblem on gun ( u/derkaintthatgreat )
  • – Bowie Knife not showing equipped camo (ZOMBIES) ( u/derkaintthatgreat )
  • – Blackout Squads lag is back, and isn’t exclusive to Xbox this time ( u/BlueVixen )
  • – Unable to access BOPass characters even though BOPass is owned ( u/FinalHero13 )
  • – When playing Solo Zombies on Gauntlet or Voyage of Despair regular, you can only play as Shaw ( u/mrtswizzle )
  • – Multiple bugs involving looting with the new Blackout UI on Console
  • – Scoreboards blank at the end of a custom game ( u/Rev_COD )
  • – Camos not showing up on secondary weapons during the pre-game timer ( u/carlosa67 )
  • – Black Market/Reserves Specialist Outfits not staying equipped if another outfit from the collection is owned ( u/ExA-uNsane )
  • – Custom Reticles not working on some guns when equipped
  • – Player can get stuck in stunned animation, unable to ADS or Reload

While I’d love nothing more than to say some of these are fabricated, given my time with the game so far, I’ve experienced a lot of these same bugs myself.

Let’s hope Treyarch fixes these soon, or at least the big ones are patched up ASAP.

Do you know of any other Black Ops 4 bugs that aren’t in this list? Let us know in the comments if so.

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