Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Future Weapons to Be Released Leaked via Game Files

black ops 4 update today

With Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 getting its latest patch last week, it seems Treyarch also rolled out code for some of the Black Ops 4 future weapons and equipment that will be released in the next Operation.

Over on Reddit, user Senescallo posted a big list of Black Ops 4 future weapons, which include classic weapon like the M16, too!

Havelina AA50 (Sniper)

Semi-auto sniper rifle. High Damage with manual reload, 1-shot kill to the head or chest. Hold the sprint button while ADS to steady.

  • Internal Name: sniper_damagesemi_t8
  • Previous Name: Vilvaldi 50
  • Added: May 1st
  • Optics: Holographic, Iron Sights, Dual Zoom, and Recon
  • Attachments: High Caliber, Grip, Extended Mags, FMJ, High Caliber II, Stabilizer, Speed Loader, and Stock
  • Operator Mod: Not available

M16 (Tactical Rifle)

3-round burst tactical rifle. Improved damage and accuracy with a pronounced delay between bursts.

  • Internal Name: tr_damageburst_t8
  • Previous Description: “… with a longer delay between bursts.”
  • Added: May 1st
  • Optics: Reflex, Recon, Holographic, and NVIR
  • Attachments: High Caliber, Grip, Extended Mags, Stock, Suppressor, High Caliber II, Grip II, Fast Mags, Quickdraw, and FMJ
  • Operator Mod: Not available

Argus (Shotgun)

Lever-action shotgun. Improved handling with more ammo. Deadly accurate while aiming down sights.

  • Internal Name: shotgun_precision_t8
  • Previous Description: “… Improved handling and reduced pellet spread.
  • Added: June 5th
  • Optics: Reflex and ELO
  • Attachments: Quickdraw, Long Barrel, Fast Mags, Rapid Fire, Stock, Suppressor, and Extended Mags
  • Operator Mod: Not available

Reaver C86 (Special, Crossbow)

Dual platform crossbow. Silently delivers lethal bolt projectiles.

  • Internal Name: special_crossbow_t8
  • Previous Name: Gambit 22
  • Added: May 30th
  • Optics: Compact Scope
  • Attachments: Stock and Extended Mags
  • Operator Mod: Not available

Full Stop (Melee)

Lethal melee weapon. Guaranteed to make your enemies *stop*.

  • Internal Name: melee_stopsign_t8
  • Previous Name: Stop Sign
  • Added to assets May 1st

Backhander (Melee)

Lethal melee weapon. The diseased and yet oddly resilient arm of some unfortunate soul.

  • Internal Name: melee_zombiearm_t8
  • Previous Name: Zombie Arm
  • Added: May 1st

Note that all info listed above are not confirmed, and subject to change. Of course, the fact that they’re in the game files mean that the likelihood of these appearing in the game eventually are quite high. Let’s hope that these weapons won’t all be locked behind Reserves, and can be earned by hitting specific tiers into that specific Operation’s Contraband stream.

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