Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Maddox Recoil Tuning Update Rolled Out Along With Bug Fixes

black ops 4 maddox recoil tuning update

While Treyarch just released a massive patch for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 the other day, the studio has rolled out a server-side update to the game, and it makes the Maddox assault rifle a wee bit better again.

There are other bug fixes in the hotfix, but the Black Ops 4 Maddox recoil tuning update is the  big one. Here are the update notes.

The following updates are live today on consoles, with PC to follow with additional platform-exclusive updates:


  • Weapon Tuning
    • Maddox RFB
      • Reduced recoil on 1st, 4th, and 5th shots to more closely match pre-patch recoil stability.
      • Slight recoil increase on 2nd and 3rd shots compared to pre-patch.


  • Miscellaneous
    • Addressed an error players could receive when invited into an ongoing match during a public Gauntlet playlist.
    • Addressed an issue that caused players to lose ammo when using the Alchemical Antithesis on King and Country.
    • Additional Tier Skip now properly awarded after completing Daily Callings (Xbox One).


  • Featured Playlist
    • Featured Playlist set to Quads.


  • Stability
    • Various crash fixes in all modes.

The following updates are live today on PS4, with other platforms to follow:


  • Specialists
    • Outrider
      • Fixed a formatting issue with Outrider’s Hawk when playing in splitscreen.
  • Maps
    • Lockup
      • Barricade will no longer disappear between round transitions.
    • Casino
      • Updated Heist dropoff locations.


  • Prestige
    • Addressed an issue where players couldn’t properly Prestige if they had content filters applied in Options.

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