Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Netcode Analysis From the Beta Revealed and It’s Quite Surprising

black ops 4 netcode

While Treyarch has already talked about some of the major changes to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 based on feedback from the beta, there’s one thing a lot of people seem to have forgotten about — or haven’t given it much though — and it’s the servers, and how the Black Ops 4 netcode works.

Fortunately, the folks over at Battle (non)sense have whipped up yet another video diving deep in the Black Ops 4 netcode, how it works and so on. Check it out below.

Too technical for you? Reddit user Sethos88 summed it up, and it’s good news so far.

  • Seemed to be 100% Dedicated – No listen servers, like we’ve seen previously.
  • IP of other players is exposed (!)
  • Game shuts down when you try to Wireshark capture, for some reason. They don’t want people snooping around?
  • Server tick is about 62 / Client tick is 46-58, which is unusual
  • The comparison charts against other games
  • He couldn’t test lag compensation, due to his test player dying too fast 😛
  • His first impressions are good.

Reddit user Linkinito also posted a summary as well:

Quick summary or TL;DW (even though you should watch this video).

  • No listen servers, only dedicated servers – as no host migrations has been reported to the videomaker.
  • IP of all players are still shown to everyone – MAJOR ISSUE HERE. Even if VOIP is disabled in the game options, your IP still appears. Also, to avoid all problems of DDOS, there should be a separate VOIP server, or make the game server take care of the VOIP.
  • Update rates are in average 50hz Client → Server and 60hz Server → Client.
  • Network delays are pretty good: at 25ms ping (40ms in-game), we have in average 53ms in Damage, 55ms in Gunfire animation, and 69ms in Movement animation. They are better than WWII at launch, but that can be improved further.
  • Bandwidth usage is low (200 kb/s down, 81 kb/s up).
  • No lag compensation test could have been attempted. The test willbe done on the final version.
  • Ping was included in-game at the last moment, and include the processing delays from the game (that’s why it’s higher than the ICMP echo request).
  • No warning icons about their connection. They should be added for the final product.
  • Graphic and sound settings on PC are top notch. Good job on you /u/TreyarchPC !

So far so good, no? Of course, things can change come release, but for now, let’s give Treyarch the benefit of the doubt.

You can read our Black Ops 4 beta impressions piece right here to see what we make of it so far.

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