Call of Duty Elite: Feb 12 Build Notes – YouTube Linking Fixes and Much More

The guys over at Beachhead studios have released a major update to Call of Duty Elite yesterday, February 12. It’s worth noting that Activision’s Hirshberg recentely promised players that Elite will receive “additional features in the next 60 days.” 

Here are the build notes as shown on the official forums:


  • Adjusted the Custom Class wizard to better support localizations and the winter camo option.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent the YouTube linking dialog from appearing in the MW3 vault.
  • Addressed an issue with YouTube linking that prevented some users from properly linking their Vault to their personal YouTube account.
  • Fixed a bug where the Treyarch player emblem was being incorrectly displayed on the site.
  • Fixed a bug in Weapon Performance where weapons were not being filtered across tabs.
  • Updated the way that stats data in the Recent Matches section is parsed. This corrects an issue where kills earned during the final moments of a match were not properly displaying in Recent Matches.
  • Updated support in Recent Matches for objective-based game modes, correcting an issue where an incorrect value for plants and defuses was displayed.
  • Addressed an issue where a small number of users were erroneously receiving a message that they had no MW3 data present.
  • Corrected a bug in the ELITE showcase where some users were not seeing all of the digital badges earned during an operation.


  • Additional Clan Privacy Settings – Clan Leaders should now be able to hide the Clan Feed
  • Hiding the Clan Roster/Leaderboards using privacy settings will now display this information for Clan Members
  • Fixed Roster sorting on Clan Detail page.
  • Improved support for Comments using IE8.
  • Minor update to the layout of the Clan Overview page.


  • Updated Improve to display additional map-specific information, such as average KDR/SPM and sorting for the maps based on these values.
  • Added thumbnails and links to the ELITE TV weapon videos for all MW3 weapons.

Drop Zone – Magazine

  • Numerous text fixes and adjustments to Drop Zone content
  • Several localization updates for Drop Zone to better support French and German-speaking users


  •  Corrected a display issue with special characters when viewing the site in French or German.
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