Call of Duty Elite Patch Adds Support for Overwatch and Fixes Several Issues

Beachhead studios released another update for Call of Duty Elite a few days ago. This is the second update Elite received in February. The patch packs in fixes for a few problems, and preps the platform for the upcoming drop for Modern Warfare 3, Overwatch, which comes out on February 21st for Xbox 360. You can find the notes for the patch released earlier this month here.

New Features:

  • Drop Zone – Issue 2
  • DLC Support for MP map Overwatch


  • Numerous text fixes throughout the site
  • Numerous performance enhancements
  • MW3 Playercard is now the default landing page on login


  • Recent Matches – Fixed an issue tracking headshots in FFA Matches
  • Recent Matches – Fixed an issue tracking HQ Defends and bomb pickups in bomb-based game modes
  • Corrected an issue where the Prestige Calculator would occasionally give incorrect estimates
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some users to not show up in a player search
  • Fixed a couple of IE-specific issues with the custom class editor


  • Corrected an badging bug that occurs when Operations on both platforms end at the same time


  • Clans – Changed the Ban Member feature into a Kick Member feature and cleared out the old banlist
  • Corrected an issue where some clan leaders had difficulty saving their changes
  • Corrected a bug that where some users would get a 404 when clicking on a player’s name in the clan or group roster
  • Updated graphic for Max Level clans
  • Fixed an error flagging content on certain Connect pages
  • Support for moderating Clan MOTD

Image credit: ~P1designs

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