Report: Call of Duty Franchise Spots Being Sold at $25 Million Per Team

call of duty esports
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With Activision pushing for Call of Duty to be a bigger part of the eSports scene more and more each year, it’s not surprising that the publisher wants the game to have “home” teams competing — a fact it revealed during the publisher’s earnings call last month.

If the new rumors that have come up today are legit in anyway, it seems those who want to have their own official Call of Duty eSports team is going to need to shell out a ton of money for it. In a new report by ESPN, it mentions that sources have leaked that a city-based Call of Duty eSports franchise is being sold by Activision for $25 million per team!

It’s expected that the geolocated franchise league will start sometime in 2020, which is the same year that the Overwatch League teams aim to move their home locations. No plans yet on where these teams will play in the first season of the restructured Call of Duty league has been confirmed so far.

Do you think this price is too high for a Call of Duty team or priced right given how much money these events rake in?

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