Call of Duty Mobile Update Introduces Halloween Event

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Those playing (or addicted) to Call of Duty Mobile, a new Call of Duty Mobile update is out, and it adds Halloween festivities to the game. Starting today, and for a limited time, TiMi Studios is introducing a Halloween-themed version of a fan favorite Black Ops 2 map (Standoff).

Here’s the Call of Duty Mobile Halloween event schedule:

  • 10/18 ~ Halloween event begins

  • 10/18 ~ Sniper Only Mode + Sniper Only Challenge

  • 10/21 ~ Sparrow Operator Skill Event

This Halloween event thing will be playable in Team Deathmatch (TDM), Search & Destroy (S&D), and Domination.

While we’ll be getting official patch notes soon, the studio also laid down some of the big feedback items the studio is looking at.


Last week we addressed a few points of feedback and we’ve continued to receive excellent feedback across the community. Thank you everyone who takes the time to share that with us!

With this new event coming, please keep that feedback coming and let us know what you think of it and what kind of events you would like to see in the future. We would love the hear all of it, even if you don’t like it. It will all go towards crafting more fantastic events in the future. But for now, let’s go over a few recently popular topics.

Cheater Reports

  • This continues to be something frequently discussed in the community and we just want to thank everyone who has sent in videos and reported players in-game. These player reports are something the that team cares a great deal about. We’ll keep doing our best to keep cheaters out of your matches and to make sure those who don’t intend to play fair are caught.

Limited Time Modes

  • We’ve seen plenty of you saying you love FFA and Gun Game and that you would like them to be permanent. It is truly wonderful that you all are taking the time to not only try those modes but that you enjoy them so much that you want them to stick around. All we can say for now is please just keep leaving feedback on them. It matters.

Master Ranks & Progression

  • The team is really impressed by the most dedicated players that have already hit the highest possible rank. So what’s next for you? Don’t worry, there is plenty more coming and we aim to continue to find ways to reward your rise to the top. More on that in future updates.

Are you playing COD Mobile? What do you make of it so far? Do you want to see more coverage of it on MP1st?

Source: Reddit