Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Campaign Length Will Be “Traditional” Says Infinity Ward, Footage Was Running on Base PS4

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In this year’s Call of Duty — Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — we see the return of a single-player campaign, which was a mode that was missing — for the first time, ever — in last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. And while this new Call of Duty is set to bring a large number of changes to the series, such as a new engine and cross-play, the Modern Warfare 2019 campaign length, for the most part, appears to be maintaining the average game time of previous entries according to Infinity Ward.

Speaking with Gamereactor in a recent interview, Studio Narrative Director over at Infinity Ward, Taylor Kurosaki stated that players can expect the “traditional” Call of Duty campaign length when it comes to Modern Warfare.

“We’re still working on it, and every single tweak we make to it of the difficult or anything like that can really effect the gameplay time. So we’re not actually explaining what the gameplay length is. I’ll just put it this way, its traditional Call of Duty campaign length.

This of course is subjective as each person takes a different amount of time when completing any given title campaign, but if we to gander a guess this should be putting it on average somewhere between 6 to 9 hours if we look at the last few titles before Black Ops 4. This may seem short to many, but as long as its’ a well crafted and written story, and has likable characters like the first Modern Warfare, I don’t see much of an issue here.

In another subject concerning the debut footage of Modern Warfare, many were under the impression that the footage shown was running off a PlayStation 4 Pro since it looked impressive.

Nope, those graphics are from a standard PS4! To clarify, Taylor Kurosaki tweeted that everything shown to the press has been on the base model of the PS4.

This only makes it even more impressive and makes me more excited to see how the Ps4 Pro and even how the Xbox One X version of the game might look like.