Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RTX Trailer Released by NVIDIA, Includes New Campaign Footage

upcoming modern warfare patch

With gamescom just hours away from happening, NVIDA has seen it fit to start things off by releasing a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RTX reveal trailer that, as one can expect, showcases some of the awesome tech present in this year’s Call of Duty. If you’re not interested in the tech, there’s seconds of new Modern Warfare single-player footage in it as well.

Real-time ray tracing is coming to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on PC.

Check out the first ever ray-traced Modern Warfare gameplay, showcasing how ray-traced shadows improve the game’s already realistic graphics.

We’re partnering with Activision and Infinity Ward to deliver the most immersive and photo-realistic Modern Warfare experience on PC with the addition of real-time ray tracing and NVIDIA Adaptive Shading.

Looks fantastic so far, right? Of course, Infinity Ward using a brand new engine for this year’s Call of Duty doesn’t hurt, either. In other Modern Warfare news, we’re expect an alpha announcement to take place later this afternoon! Read up on that if you missed this big news over the weekend, right here.

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