‘Call of Duty: The Modern Warfare Collection’ Scrapped Following Unresolved Legal Dispute

The highly anticipated ‘Call of Duty: The Modern Warfare Collection’ that was teased during the final hours of this past weekend’s Call of Duty Championship in Los Angeles, CA has allegedly been scrapped after a legal dispute between ex-Infinity Ward Executive Producer Marc Roobin and current studio head, Davie Stole.

Following Roobin’s recent departure from the studio, a legal investigation was issued looking into the disappearance of a USB drive from Infinity Ward’s head office in Woodland Hills, CA containing the original Modern Warfare font used for previous titles in the series. According to reports, the Topanga branch of the LAPD traced it to Roobin’s home mere hours after the case was opened.

When confronted, Roobin told authorities that the drive had somehow been unknowingly stowed away with his belongings that he collected from his former office the day after his resignation. He added that it was his intention to return the property as quickly as possible after learning of the strange incident, but that he was unable to do so after discovering that his wife’s cat, Price, had allegedly eaten the drive after their 3-year old son, Soap, placed it in the cat’s food bowl.

Unwilling to take the necessary steps to properly recover the drive, Roobin was arrested for theft and is now being investigated based on accusations of sabotage of Activision’s most successful IP.

“Until we can recover the drive containing the original Modern Warfare font, production on Call of Duty: The Modern Warfare Collection cannot continue,” an Activision spokesperson told us after we reached out for comment. “Appropriate actions are currently being taken against Roobin, as well as the additional Infinity Ward employees who failed to back up the font on the studio’s central database.”

Additional police reports suggest the studio’s janitor, Joseph Makarov, may have been involved in the incident, but was released from questioning due to a lack of supporting evidence and his inability to speak proper English.

According to Stole, the project ultimately must be scrapped as it is unlikely the dispute will be settled in time to complete development and prepare the collection for its originally planned Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC release date of April 1, 2016.

Stay tuned for updates.

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