China Implements Three-Hour Limit for Kids Playing Online Video Games

China Online Video Games

September will see big changes set for gamers living in China who are below the age of 18, as the country will implement a three-hour limit for kids playing online video games in order to curb online gaming companies, and fight game addiction.

In a story by Bloomberg, restrictions have been heightened on China to prevent children from gaming endlessly — giving tech companies such as Tencent Games, which distributes Honor of Kings, new rules to enforce to their customer base. Starting September 1, gamers under 18 can only play from 8PMto 9PM on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and public holiday, and name checks are required to ensure that ages check out and only adults are allowed entry with a real-name verification system in place.

Other guidelines were also noted in the report by Bloomberg.

  • All online games should be linked to a state anti-addiction system, and companies can’t provide services to users without real-name registrations

  • Regulators will ratchet up checks over how gaming firms carry out restrictions on things like playing time and in-game purchases

  • Regulators will work with parents, schools and other members of the society to combat youth gaming addiction

While kids at China will have to adjust to these new rules, the rest of the gaming world continues on and you can check out more news, features, and content right here at MP1st.

Source: Bloomberg

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