COD: Advanced Warfare’s “Point & Shoot” Film Festival Will Make You Super Famous

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Activision and Sledgehammer Games are giving Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players the chance to “immortal freakin’ glory” in a new community-based initiative called “Point & Shoot”.

Point & Shoot is “the world’s first game footage film festival” where gamers can submit their best Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare clips to live and die by the judgement onlookers over at the festival’s official website.

Viewers can up-vote or down-vote clips from the community with the top clips making front and center in the “Hall of Fame” for all to see.

Submitting a video is as simple as copying and pasting the URL to the YouTube clip you want to share. Some rules apply, like no Katy Perry music.

It’s a pretty simple set up and is a great way to find some of the Call of Duty community’s most impressive and badass clips on one place.

Check out the announcement video above.