COD Vanguard Early Access Beta Code Giveaway

COD Vanguard Early Access Beta Code

In case you didn’t know, this weekend is the start of the Call of Duty: Vanguard early access beta for PlayStation gamers! Thanks to Activision, we have a slew of keys to giveaway!

COD Vanguard Early Access Beta Code Giveaway Mechanics:

How to win one? Super simple. “Give us feedback the MP1st website! Good, bad, cruel, doesn’t matter, nothing disqualifies you potentially winning a code. We want your honest opinions, so don’t hold back! Just leave a comment below, and if it’s a good answer, we’ll send you a comment. Leave your Twitter handle or a way we can contact you, so we can directly send you the code.

COD Vanguard Early Access Beta Schedule (for PlayStation):

September 10-13, and 16-17

Redeem here: 

·     They’ll need to be logged in to their Activision account to enter their Early Access code. If they don’t have an Activision account, they can create a free one.

·     Once your Early Access code is successfully redeemed, they’ll be taken to a success page confirming their registration for Early Access.

·     Before the Beta begins, registered players will receive an Early Access Beta Token via email. This token can only be used on the platform chosen when the Early Access code was redeemed.

For more on the beta, check out what’s set to be included in it right here.

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