COD Warzone Hardware Ban Carry Overs to Vanguard

COD Warzone Hardware Ban

Here’s a rather interesting and awesome development for Call of Duty: Vanguard, it looks like cheaters who were hardware banned in COD Warzone have seen themselves banned in COD Vanguard, too!

This was confirmed by cheaters who posted screenshots on Discord lamenting the fact that they can’t connect to the Vanguard servers:

This is for PC (obviously). Hopefully, more cheaters in Warzone are caught, and the ban hammer smacked on them. There is absolutely no reason to cheat in online multiplayer games. Don’t be that person that wrecks the fun for everyone, alright?

Speaking of the COD Vanguard beta, you can check out our first week’s impression of it right here.

Have you encountered cheaters in the COD Vanguard beta? If so, let us know your experience down in the comments below.

Source: NYSL Mavriq (thanks, ModernWarzone)!

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