Call of Duty: WWII End of Round Disconnect Glitch Fix, Patch Incoming Today

cod ww2 end of round glitch fix

If you’ve been playing Call of Duty: WWII since launch, then you know there’s a few bugs still festering the game. One of these said bugs is being disconnected after every match, which leaves some players in doubt on whether their stats or XP registered (more on that later).Rejoice! There’s an impromptu, unofficial fix that you can do right now!

Thanks to ResetEra forum member “angel,” we seem to have found a way to stop this little annoying bug from happening, and it’s super simple! Ready? Just clear all your challenges! Delete or “abandon” your Daily and Weekly Orders, Contracts, etc. After testing it, I can confirm this works. Check out the video below to see how it showed a discon screen, but transitioned to a regular end-of-match recap.

It’s not ideal since you’re missing out on XP and Supply Drops from the various challenges, but at least you can now see the end-of-round screen and confirm that your stats and progress have registered. 

Speaking of progress, we also have video confirmation that even if your game disconnects after the match, you still keep the XP! Check out the before and after stats as evidence.

Finally, Sledgehammer Games boss has mentioned on Twitter that a patch is coming today to fix this nagging issue! Hopefully, it comes with a few other fixes as well.

That’s good news, right? While we wait for the official patch to fix the discon issue (and hopefully, a few other bugs as well), try out our suggestion to know exactly what you earned per match, and just to avoid seeing endless black screens.

Have you encountered a COD: WWII issue we haven’t reported on yet? If so, email us about it.   Once the patch hits, we’ll be sure to let people know ASAP.

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