Man Arrested After Stealing Call of Duty: WWII Copies From Sony Factory

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Dshaye Towles really wanted to get his hands on Call of Duty: WWII, going as far as to steal copies from a Sony factory where stock was being held. 

According to WTHITV, Dshaye Towles is from Terre Haute, Indiana. He has been charged with theft and “offense against intellectual property.” He was caught during a traffic stop, where it was discovered that he had been selling early copies of the game for just $45 on eBay. 

The man is also guilty of selling stolen copies of Madden 18. That’s quite the score streak he was on!

Despite his arrest and the evidence gathered, neither Sony nor the local police have been able to work out how Towles managed to get his hands on the stolen discs. 

Call of Duty: WWII is having a rough time keeping content hidden before the November 3 release, and now we have an idea of where some of the leaks may have come from. 

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Source: WTHITV via Kotaku