Report: Some Call of Duty: WWII Emotes Have the Same Animations but Under Different Names

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In today’s weird Call of Duty news, it seems the emotes players can get in Call of Duty: WWII’s Supply Drops  are actual duplicates of each other just with different names and different classifications. This was brought to my attention when I got emotes in Supply Drops and checked them out. I noticed that some of them seemed a little bit too familiar and skimmed through my available emotes list. 

Lo and behold! I managed to find quite a number of duplicates, which are showcased in the video below. You can also check out the emote name, description of what your character does, the tier it’s in, and the duplicates (just the ones I have and been able to confirm).

Shows hand to player and swings head to side:

  • Taka a Powder (Common)
  • No Way! (Common)

Clenches fist and pumps it vigorously downwards:

  • Time to Grandstand (Common)
  • Hot Damn (Common)

Raises open hand and nods head:

  • Hang It Up (Common)
  • What’s Up Ace? (Common)
  • Hey! (Common)

Puts hand to face as if disappointed:

  • Done For (Rare)
  • Facepalm (Rare)

At first, I thought it might have been a server error or some sort, but checking the COD: WWII subreddit, people have posted the same thing!

Is this a bug in the game or did Sledgehammer Games intentionally did this to pad the amount of stuff players can earn in Supply Drops? Only they know for sure. It’s currently not known (at least by us) how many duplicate animations are there, but the most I’ve seen so far are three. 

In other Call of Duty: WWII news, there’s a Nuke in the game confirmed! Check it out here to see it in action. The shooter’s Daily and Weekly Orders have also been reset, and you can check the list here.