Call of Duty: WWII Playlist Update Rolled Out to Fix Epic Bribe UI Issue

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COD WW2 update gets rolled out again after SHG accidentally breaks something…

While we just got a new Call of Duty: WWII update yesterday, Sledgehammer Games has rolled out a new playlist update to fix the Epic Bribe issue. First, the good news: Sledgehammer claims the Epic Bribe issue is only UI-related, meaning you might see duplicate items in your Epic Bribe slots when you open them, but if you check the actual inventory, you’ll see that you’ve gotten new Epic items and whatnot.

Here’s the official message posted by Sledgehammer on Reddit:

Hot Fix Update for Epic Bribe UI Issue from WWII

Hey everyone,

We pushed through a hot fix for the issue some of you have been seeing with your Epic Bribe drops. The issue was only UI-related. Players were seeing the same items in the first and third slots. Some players weren’t seeing an Epic item on screen at all. However, if you check your inventory, you’ll see that you did in fact receive an Epic item, despite the UI showing you otherwise.

Also, we are aware of a new UI issue that arose with the actual crate model. While the crate itself is not fully visible, all functionality is still intact, and you can still open it. We apologize for the confusion!

Additionally, for supply drop issues, please reach out to Activision Support on Reddit or Twitter. That said, we are always here to help and will of course pass along reports to them.

Thanks, everyone. Enjoy your day 🙂

Unfortunately, it seems this update managed to bork something as well. User FromundaBrees mentioned that he’s now unable to accept orders from Major Howard, and just makes him abandon the order. The good news here is there is a fix, and that’s backing out of the orders tab, going back in again, and it should work. If not, then another user says to accept a weekly order in order for it to work. These fixes are not ideal, but at least they’re there, right?

If you’re curious what the rewards are for this month’s Resistance event, check out the list here.

Did SHGames manage to break anything else in its latest update? If so, share ’em in the comments below.

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