Call of Duty: WWII PC Update Is Live, Adds Winter Siege Event, Multiplayer Fixes & More

A new Call of Duty: WWII update is now available to download and install on PC. It brings the “Winter Siege” event to the game, offering new winter-themed content for players to experience. In addition to this, the patch also brings a huge amount of changes to the game’s multiplayer and zombies modes.

Read below for the full list of new features and improvements:


Winter Carentan added

Winter Siege Gear and Weapons added

Winter Siege Game Modes added


Fixed issues relating to disconnects

Improvements to partying up in custom match

Fixed various party issues related to crashes and long load screens

Fixed issue where party members bypass AAR

Fixed issue where players cannot edit “Force Respawn” game option

Fixed issue where players first entering MP are unable to select a Division

Fixed issue where players who assign themselves to spectate in FFA actually load in as a normal player

Fixed Prestige exploits

Fixed map exploits on Gibraltar, USS Texas, Pointe du Hoc, Aachen, Sainte Marie du Mont

Fixed issue allowing players to “frog jump”

AI behavior improvements in War Mode

Fixed issue causing error messages when loading out of War Mode matches

War Mode Operation Neptune in game UI improvements

Fixed War Mode issue allowing players to build and destroy buildables outside of the objective zone

Fixed issue in HC where players are able to steal Care Packages from teammates they kill

Implemented “3 team kills and you’re kicked” rule in HC

Fixed issue in HC where team kill deaths count towards KDR

Fixed UI issue where XP earned from medals was not displaying, leading players to think they were not getting XP

Fixed UI inaccuracies and general improvements to Divisions menu

CTF minimap improvements

Gridiron in game UI improvements

Added weapon base name and Division to supply drop cards

Fixed new item UI

Added progress bar for “Downloading updates”

General UI and art fixes and improvements

Added Mute All and Toggle Mute options in HQ

Fixed issue where players died instantly after respawning in 1v1 pit

Fixed issue where players can be killed and/or crash while exiting and entering HQ Firing Range

Fixed out of world exploits in HQ

Fixed issue where Orders and Challenges are not tracking properly

Fixed Contract exploits in HQ

Fixed issue where players received an incorrect error message when attempting to play a public match for a party larger than six players

Fixed issue where in public FFA matches where players are kicked for inactivity, no forfeit timer appears for remaining players

Fixed issue where players who should receive post-match bonuses do not receive them

Fixed infinite Scorestreak exploit

Fixed issue where progress for Weekly Orders not tracking

Fixed audio looping issues after AAR

Fixed issue where opening supply drops after selecting “Inspect Soldier” or after entering Theater causes loss in functionality

Fixed issue where M1A1 reticle unlocked at 50 kills, instead of 500 – becomes parity with all other weapons


Fixed issue with fire path of Panzerschreck when aiming for Scorestreaks

Fixed iron sight alignment on weapon variant for SVT and 1911

Decreased amount of glare when using heroic shotguns

Fixed issue with MG-42 VFX

Fixed ADS fire for MG-42 reticle

Fixed hip-fire inconsistencies on STG-44 (crouching vs. standing)

Fixed suppressor VFX

Fixed issue where Waffe 28 Variant “Soggy” wasn’t attaching sight attachments correctly

Fixed issues when inspecting weapon and sprinting

Fixed issue where equipping High Caliber on a rifle blocks player from equipping Steady Aim and Grip

Improved visibility on Throwing Knife path



Fixed freezing in menus

Implemented Leaderboards

Fixed issue where players lose all XP upon leaving match

Fixed issue where players cannot open supply drops after Prestiging

Fixed error received when joining Zombies through HQ

Fixed issue where players joining Zombies from MP are sent to empty test space

Fixed issue where players can create custom Prologue match

Fixed issue where team-based trophies / achievements now granted to players who joined in progress before the fifth wave.

Fixed general issues with XP gains

Added progress bar for “Downloading updates”

Other general UI fixes and improvements

Fixed an issue where players could interact with objects when dying as last standing survivor.


BAR nerfed to add more recoil

Reticle unlock fix for STG-44 reflex sight

Custom reticle fixes for scopes of Kar98K and Lee Enfield

Primed Basic Training nerf


Full support for Ranked Play

Full support for enhanced Emblem Editor added.

Create, edit, and equip emblems from the Multiplayer Menu without loading into Headquarters.

Creating and editing emblems has been fined tuned to take advantage of mouse and keyboard.

Opacity slider has been included to enhance player control over their custom emblems.

Rotation and scale size adjustments can be completed faster due to PC controls

Minor quality of life improvements

Updates for Discord

Ability to tailor Discord Rich Presence and Join support

Once the user has enabled Discord Rich Presence for Call of Duty: WWII in the Discord App Settings for Games, the user will now have the following options within the Call of Duty Settings:

In-game support for handling Discord Ask-To-Join

Accept requests individually or all at once

Reject individual requests

User can optionally enable Auto-Accept or Auto-Reject, globally, or for In-Match only

Discord Configuration

Adjust the level of Discord Rich Presence from Minimal to Full

User can choose to enable Discord Join – invites and asks – globally or just for HQ and Menu

Select a Discord message to let others know whether you are looking for group or trying to get one together

If preferred, disable Discord RP entirely (e.g. if not using Discord App)

Will you be partaking in the Winter Siege this holiday season? Let us know.

In other Call of Duty: WWII news, all of the game’s Social Score rewards have been listed, and we managed to get a 20 win streak in The Pit.

Source: Steam

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