Sledgehammer Games Opens New Twitter Account to Handle Call of Duty: WWII PC Cheaters

While PCs are great for gaming given the open platform, tons of sales, and top of the line visuals, there’s also the downside of cheaters. Unarguably, it’s easier to cheat on PC than it is on consoles when it comes to multiplayer games. And one game experiencing a massive cheater infestation is Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty: WWII.

Over on Twitter, the official Sledgehammer Games account tweeted that it has opened a new Twitter account just to tackle COD: WWII PC cheaters.

If you can’t read the embedded tweet, it says:

Hey PC community, in addition to using our in-game reporting feature, you can follow our reporting account and send videos and Steam IDs here: We will continue to investigate and enforce. Thank you!

Sledgehammer might not be able to stomp out 100 percent of all cheaters on PC, but this is a good start. So if you find any cheaters when you’re playing COD: WWII on PC, don’t forget to list down their Steam IDs, and maybe capture a few seconds of footage just to prove their vileness.

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