“Computer Vision” Auto Aim Cheat States It Can Work on “Any Console”

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We here at MP1st would never condone cheating in any multiplayer game. If you want to cheat against AI opponents, or cheese your way through a single-player game, that’s your perogative. But ruining the fun for others? Nah, that’s not cool at all. While cheats for online shooters are usually found on PC, one cheat maker has announced that their “Computer Vision” software can “auto aim,” and “auto shot” enemies and will work on “any console.”

For obvious reasons, we won’t be linking or naming the cheat-making company in the article, but we’ve included a sample of just what this thing can do, and the company’s description on how great their cheat is (sigh).

Just what can this cheat do? Here’s a description of its “auto aim,” and “auto fire” capabilities:

Through the use of a device from XXXXXX called a ____, USER101 has unlocked the ability to mod any game on any platform in ways not thought of before. The Titan2 is capable of something called Computer Vision which allows you to take advantage of a nearby computer to see and react to things that are happening in your game via network streaming or a capture card. Can be used to detect enemy movement, screen text such as weapon names, and a full array of options not possible before. We are on the verge of releasing a new updated Tier System with Advanced Aim Assist. This will allow you to auto aim and lock onto enemies, auto detect weapons for perfect recoil and auto fire for precise headshots. Works on “ANY” platform or console including Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

As you can read from the description, it auto locks onto enemies, and even manages your recoil. While there are ways to cheat on consoles before this, this seems to be upping the ante and such. We have obviously omitted the name of the product and the manufacturer, so gamers won’t be tempted to, y’know, buy these.

Let’s hope Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and other video game publishers take notice of this and act on it fast. Again, we do not condone cheating of any kind, and this benefits no one outside of the cheater, and of course, the company who profits from the cheating software/product.

Thanks, DANNYonPC, TheTacticalBrit

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