Confirmed Killstreaks in Modern Warfare 3 (Some Pro Perks can be Earned as Killstreaks)

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 Update: Click here to read the full list of killstreaks.

These are the confirmed killstreaks with the corresponding required kills so far.

UAV – 3 Kills (there will be a Counter UAV at 4 Kills, but this hasn’t been confirmed)

Ballistic Vests – 5 Kills

AirDrop Trap – 7 Kills

Remote Turret – 9 Kills

AH-6 Overwatch – 9 Kills

Recon Drone – 10 Kills

EMP – 11 Kills (EMPs in MW2 were at 15 Kills)

Stealth Bomber – 14 Kills

Juggernaut – 15 Kills

Correction: Extra pro perks for the Specialist Loadout:

Scavenger Pro – 2 Kills

Steady Aim Pro – 4 Kills

Marksman Pro – 6 Kills

More Killstreaks should be revealed at CoD XP later on today, so be sure to come back to MP1st for timely coverage.