Cooler Master and D-BOX Launching “Motion 1” $2000 Haptic Gaming Chair Next Year

Haptic Gaming Chair Cooler Master D-Box

Computer hardware and peripheral maker Cooler Master and haptic motion company D-BOX are teaming up to deliver a whole new gaming experience, as today they revealed their new haptic gaming chair, the Motion 1, and oh boy, it’s a pricy one.

In a press release sent out, they note that the Motion 1 is a joint venture product that combines D-BOX haptic technology with Cooler Master’s own gaming chairs, will be available to pre-order sometimes in Q4 of this year.

“We have been envisioning a truly immersive entertainment experience for everyone’s home desk setup, and gaming chairs have become the best medium to deliver this, merging everyday functionality and comfort with on-demand haptic sensations during gameplay or movie enjoyment. Get ready to enter a whole new world with this next level gaming chair.” said Chris Chen, Head of New Business, I/O of Cooler Master. “It’s absolutely thrilling to partner with D-BOX to bring the virtual world to life and co-innovate the haptic experience for our tech-lifestyle eco-system.” added Jimmy Sha, CEO of Cooler Master.

While they aren’t just ready to show exactly what this chair looks like in full, they did state that the MSRP will range somewhere between a whopping $1999 to $2299 when they become available to pre-order later this year. They are expected to ship in January 2022.

“As announced last December, Cooler Master officially launches today, as a world premiere, the first gamer chair incorporating D-BOX haptic technology. This innovation will provide movement and vibration to gamers, allowing them to have a better experience by bringing an immersive and more realistic aspect to the game,” explained Sébastien Mailhot, President and CEO of D-BOX. “Cooler Master has developed a unique and versatile design, providing unparalleled comfort for working, playing and for watching movies, while also benefiting from high-fidelity haptic movement. This chair fits perfectly into our ever-growing library of nearly 200 video games and over 2,000 films and series available in the D-BOX haptic format,” added Mr. Mailhot.

While it is pricey, D-BOX currently only offers their haptic technology in sim-related (flight and racing set-ups) seating’s for gaming, which are far more pricier. They also offer home entertainment recliner which retails $3699.

The Motion 1 is without a question, a luxury product, though for those wanting to get into the haptic experience with a gaming chair, this may just be what you have been waiting for. We’ll have more details on the Motion 1 later this year, so stay tuned!

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