Crash Team Racing Update 1.12 Patch Notes – Adds New Gameplay Changes, Preps Content for Spooky Grand Prix for This Friday

crash team racing update 1.12 patch notes

Those playing Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, a new Crash Team Racing update has raced out, and it adds a slew of content that can be accessed now, and later this week! The Crash Team Racing update 1.12 patch notes list down the content for the Spooky Grand Prix coming this Friday, as well as a host of gameplay additions that are live now.

Crash Team Racing update 1.12 patch notes:

General Game
  • Swapping driving styles
    It’s happening folks!
    You can now select your preferred driving style (speed, acceleration, turn, balanced) when selecting your driver.
    Furthermore, a fifth driving style, Drift, has been added to the mix.
    A new driving style, named Classic, will select the default, existing driving style for the character.

  • Driving styles renamed
    Old names for driving styles have been replaced:

  1. Beginner is now Turn.

  2. Intermediate A is now Balanced.

  3. Intermediate B is now Acceleration.

  4. Advanced is now Speed.

  • Wumpa Time now counts for Adventure and Local Arcade
    As long as the player’s console is connected to the internet, players now have the opportunity to earn 2x Wumpa Coins for the first 30 minutes of racing time per day.

  • Warp Orbs and N. Tropy Clocks

  1. AI no longer uses Warp Orbs and N. Tropy Clocks in Online Matchmaking.

  2. Warp Orbs and N. Tropy Clocks no longer appear in the first crates of a race in Online Matchmaking.

  • New Cup: Lost Cup
    Includes the following tracks:

  1. Oxide Station

  2. Clockwork Wumpa

  3. Twilight Tour

  4. Prehistoric Playground

As for the Spooky Grand Prix, it’s coming this Friday (October 4) and will run up to November 3, 2019!

Spooky Grand Prix (October 4th – November 3rd 2019)
  • New Characters
    3 new characters are available during the Spooky Grand Prix

  1. Nina Cortex (Unlocked by Nitro Points)

  2. Dr. N. Brio (Purchasable at Pit Stop)

  3. Komodo Moe (Purchasable at Pit Stop)

  • New Track:

Post image

Nina’s Nightmare

  • New Karts:
    3 new karts are available during the Spooky Grand Prix

  1. Skull Rider (Purchasable at Pit Stop)

  2. Nautilus (Unlocked by Nitro Points)

  3. Phantom (Unlocked by Nitro Points)

  • New Challenge Type: Ghost Hunt
    For the duration of this Grand Prix, breaking certain crates will release a mischievous ghost that was trapped inside. Catch up to the ghost to capture it and complete Grand Prix challenges.

  • Returning items from the Nitro Tour Grand Prix
    Select characters and items from the first Grand Prix, Nitro Tour, are making their return to the Pit Stop.

You can check out the mode detailed info post regarding the Spooky Grand Prix on Activision’s blog.
Source: Reddit
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