Cricket 22 Update 1.29 Out for Changes & Fixes This Feb. 23

cricket 22 update 1.29

Big Ant Studios has released the Cricket 22 update 1.29 (PS5 version 1.000.029) patch today, which is for major changes and fixes for the game! Check out the full release notes below to find out the changes in the latest Cricket 22 patch.

Cricket 22 Update 1.29 Patch Notes | Cricket 22 Update 1.000.029 Patch Notes | Cricket 22 February 23 Patch Notes:

  • Added Big XI Online League to online modes
  • Added persistent leaderboard for Big XI Online League based on winning and fair play
  • Added seasonal leaderboard for Big XI Online League based on winning and fair play
  • Added retro uniforms to Australia
  • Added scoreboards to stadium creator
  • Added Fixed Close and Far cameras to training nets
  • Increased maximum uniform count to 10
  • Tuned AI Batting Behaviour
  • Tuned AI bowling lines
  • Further improved fielding
  • Improved visibility of powerplay/new ball options when available
  • Improved indication of un-editable licensed player content
  • Improved display of players with turbans
  • Improved UI
  • Improved General stability

Lineups selected from any Licensed players:

  • Min Specialist Batters – Three players that are “Batter” role are needed, these are indicated in the role column with the crossed bat icon.
  • Min Specialist Bowlers – Three players that are “Bowler” role are needed, these players have a ball icon in the role column.
  • Wicketkeeper – One player on your team must be a recognized Wicketkeeper, these are indicated with the glove icon.
  • Bowler Type Balance – No more than 4 players of the same type of bowler can be in the 11.

Right and left handed variants are counted as the same type, such as for SLO and OS for Finger Spin bowlers, SLU and LS for Wrist Spin bowlers, and LFM and RFM for Fast Medium bowlers.

  • Sapphire Tier – only one player of Sapphire tier is allowed in the lineup.
  • Sapphire/Emerald Tier – a total of 3 players can be Emerald tier or above, meaning only 2 Emerald players can be used if a Sapphire player is chosen.
  • Gold Tier – This is just informational, you can have as many gold players as desired once the rules are met.
  • Silver/Bronze Tier – a minimum of 3 players myst be Silver or Bronze tier, however more than that is allowed.

There will be a “Fair play points system” taking into accound degrees and multiples of the following:

  • Balls bowled with Poor, Early, or Late delivery timing, or ball where the run up was cancelled
  • Wide balls bowled
  • No balls bowled
  • Slower balls/effort balls are bowled in an over
  • Short/very full (yorker) length balls bowled in an over
  • Wide or No Ball deliveries bowled in an over
  • Balls bowled down leg side, regardless of whether they were called wide
  • Fields with more than 1 fielder in ‘silly’ position
  • all fielders on the off side
  • Bowling Warning Timer is invoked
  • Bowling a forced delivery
  • Taking guard to a delivery with a stance beyong Leg Stump
  • Beyond Leg Stump guard taken
  • Batting Timer expires before a delivery
  • Fail to provide shot inputs

That’s about it for the patch.

Source: Twitter

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