Cyberpunk 2077 Can Be Completed Without Killing Anyone in the Game

Cyberpunk 2077 Day One Update

In case you didn’t know, CD Projekt RED decided to bring their highly-anticipated game Cyberpunk 2077 at this year’s E3, and not only that, but a behind closed doors gameplay preview was given as well. If you saw the first bits of gameplay and ever wondered if there’s a chance to play through the game “peacefully,” (to a certain degree), well, we can now confirm that you can.

During GameSpot’s preview, Lead Quest Designer Pawel Sasko that while your interactions with the various inhabitants of the game won’t always matter, but that there are story moments when the player’s actions will have lasting consequences throughout the game.

“This is more of a personal choice of the play style of the player. “However, there are cases when it’s taken into account because it’s important. It’s important that you knock down the dude or you kill the dude, and so on. …But if you, as a player, are going through, let’s say the Grand Imperial Mall [a location in CD Projekt RED’s E3 demo], you are knocking down 40 Animals [the name of one of the game’s gangs] and you decided to, I don’t know, spare a fifth of them, that’s not really going to have that much impact.”

In the same gameplay preview, which was about an hour long, Sasko confirmed that you can play the entire game peacefully and just not kill anyone at all. You’ll be able to sneak, hack and I assume, subdue enemies without resorting to lethal means. However, it wasn’t confirmed if boss fights or unavoidable encounters give the same options as well, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

Would you want to play Cyberpunk 2077 without killing anyone in the game? Or would that make the game boring for you?

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