Dark Alliance Update 1.03 Patch Notes; Udocumented Changes Listed for v1.16

Dark Alliance Update 1.07

Tuque Games has released the Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance update 1.03 patch, and this brings a host of gameplay fixes to the game, along with some undocumented changes a well. Note that while the PS4 version is at 1.03, and the PS5 version is listed as 1.003, the devs have tagged this as v1.6Head on below for the patch notes.

Dark Alliance Update 1.03 Patch Notes | Dark Alliance Update 1.003 Patch Notes:

Patch Notes – Dark Alliance V 1.16 (via Steam):

• Improvements to multiplayer latency.
• Voice chat remains enabled after returning to Kelvin’s Cairn.
• Improvements to camera lock-on.
• Improvements to user interface.
• Improvements to teleporting attacks made by enemies.
• Instances where progression is blocked when a player respawns as a boss dies has been fixed.
• Balance changes and tethering improvements.

In addition to that, the community has found some undocumented changes included as well! The free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 should be working now, and there’s a startling damage reduction as well!

We’re going to keep an eye out, and update the post if there are more undocumented changes found. You can check out our interview with Tuque Games regarding Dark Alliance right here.

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One thought on “Dark Alliance Update 1.03 Patch Notes; Udocumented Changes Listed for v1.16

  1. They also made it if you return to camp it at all it clears out previous loot you had collected last in an unfinished adventure so if you stop halfway thru after getting a legendary drop you can no longer do the adventure again and it still be there anymore. So you can half-assed the dungeon and only play up till you get a few chest take a break and just collect all your rewards when u eventually finished it. Or say you get all the way to a boss but at you power level would be undefeatable on solo completing an entire level just to get stuck. You could finish it before on a lower level and still get what you grinded but they took the saved loot away all togather.. it was a feature that made casual solo a viable action and now I Don’t have people to play with.level 1 is too easy and anything above is designed for multi-player or higher gear levels

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